Another 7 Days that We’ll Never Get Back. v14.30

While slum’n at SSWC14 up in Anchorage I had more than enough time to think about stuff. Yep, The Brothers Rohwer hung out all the time in Anchorage, started early & ended early. But, as you may know, The Brothers don’t talk to each other. Talking? That’s NOT how we roll. So I had endless time to think. Thinking while bellied up to the bar is what I do best.

Ideas were bouncing around my empty head… ideas on how I could jump start communication with the Back of the Pack community. And I came up with a simple idea. Promote The BPR History. The History of the previous week, the last 7 days, the last 168 hours. That’s right. Pictures. Just Pictures. Because talk is cheap, lingo is boring and you all have short attention spans. 

And don’t give me that s*^t about Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, blah blah blah. This is a different approach to a different view of a different lifestyle. So I think. So I say.

and so… pictures it is. Pictures from all time zones of the world. Pictures from all quadrants of Earth. Pictures of all the freaks that make up the BPR Freak Show. That means BPR USA / New Mexico / Arizona / Colorado, BPR New Zealand, BPR Australia, BPR United Kingdom. Maybe we’ll even have a few pictures from BPR SpearFishing World Headquarters down in The Keys… that would be Florida. (Or not. The Lt Col is a bit busy being retired.)

My goal is to post a set of pictures every week. Participation from all BPR chapters isn’t mandatory, as nothing is exactly mandatory at the Back of the Pack. But let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a time history of Judd’s Life Events, because you probably aren’t exactly interested in Judd’s Personal Reality contained in The Alternate Reality

So, let’s get this show on the road. And remember, I won’t hit you with an excess of lingo on these postings. But, from time to time, I may add a few comments about The Alternate Reality or Judd’s Laws of Physics. But… not in this posting.

And, if you are interested in the code at the end of the title, it’s easy. Figure it out. Hint to The Code:

SSWC14: Gnarly, The Morale Chairman, The Philosofizer
Yep, just one week ago

another SSWC14 pic… at the back of the pack

heading up the glacier to Harding Ice Field

just cruise’n Alaska on a SeaPlane 
if you aren’t flying the colors (or colours) then you aren’t flying the colors
romance in Arizona
more Mad Rhino romance
it’s a local thing… in Arizona

hang’n at Eske Brew Pub in Taos

Hang’n at the highest point in New Mexico
Wheeler Peak 13,161 feet above something that is certified to be at 0 feet
just chill’n in the New Mexico woods…
with my buddy the Big Horn Sheep
which is not to be confused with my Black Sheep

just another pic
one old church, probably influenced by aliens
because there are aliens in New Mexico
or the Aliens are just hallucinations of Local Graffiti Aritsts
The Last Supper?
or… The Last Supper

And if you need a suggestion for some BedTime Tunes:

Stay Cool & Good Night 
J.R. aka The Philosfizer aka The Hustorian

2 thoughts on “Another 7 Days that We’ll Never Get Back. v14.30

  1. Yeah. The way I see it, there are a lot of people, throughout the world, breathing oxygen and participating in The LifeStyle… at the back of the pack. So, it'll be pretty cool if I can get a few pics from a few people each week. Totally Cool if I can get some pics from The Other Countries. We shall see.


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