Another 7 Days that We’ll Never Get Back. v14.31

Another 168 hours. Another set of Adventures:

BPR New Zealand
always finding new ways to ‘capture’ The Adventure
… when is the last time you hook’d your bike to a wing, of a plane?

and for your enjoyment. hit play then cruise through the pictures
just a suggestion

Back to IT:
BPR Australia
promoting The Revolution… the Back of the Pack Lifestyle

BPR United KingDom
? Taz Seems to be in total LockDown

Back of the Pack Racing
always lurk’n in The Shadows

BPR AZ: Tuesdays are Short Track Papago, even when it is 109 outside
but plenty of dollar PBRs and Tacos to be had afterwards….
WhoreChata welcomes riders in

BPR AZ: The Professor, being irresponsible

BPR AZ: Jolly, being responsible

BPR AZ: Just a View

BPR AZ: Joey doing what Joey Does 
at Joey’s Shop… ShadeTree Bikes

BPR AZ: Frog f’n around at ShadeTree Bikes

BPR AZ: Jolly also witnessed something get bornded..ded.
at ShadeTree Bikes

BPR AZ: The Professor, still being irresponsible 

BPR AZ: I guess there is water in Arizona
or The Professor escaped to Colorado

BPR AZ: who goes bike packing with beer?
well, the freak at the back of the pack. obviously

BPR AZ: so much romance in Arizona

BPR AZ: Mad Rhino (?) being nutritious

BPR AZ: Jolly being nutritious (?)

BPR AZ: The Lifestyle

BPR AZ: Freedom Friday ride consists of steel, tequila and beers

BPR AZ: Runway is clear, ready for liftoff.

BPR AZ: F*^K it Fatbike Sunday

BPR AZ: Old Rocks

BPR AZ: Eff Ugeyez says… Eff U

BPR AZ: Deuce, Tyler Durdan &  Cin… kick’n it in New Mexico
… so much romance

Tyler Durdan says…
… thanks for the warm welcome Ruidoso

BPR AZ: Cruise’n the Trails

BPR AZ: Damn, New Mexico. Cool’r than Regular Mexico

And then there is Endless Bikes, this pic from Pisgah 
so… do we now OFFICIALLY have a BPR North Carolina Chapter?
anyone… anyone.. anyone

 BPR NM: The Morale Chairman going Home

 BPR NM: The Morale Chairman wanting this to be a Permanent Home

 BPR Retiree-ed: The Lt Col starting the day off right…
The Retired Dude formally known as The Lt Col is taking a vacation in Ohio
because retirement was tiring him out
BPR NM: Sometimes New Mexico ain’t that bad
… sometimes

BPR NM: hey Judd, where’s your helmet?
… hey dude… go f*^k yourself

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