Letters of Intent: A Process ROOTED in Ludacracy

A Process Rooted in Ludacracy? What the F*^K?
Well, I googled “A Process Rooted in Honesty” and THIS was what Google Gave me… 
Now that is some crazy Google S*^T.
So. A Process Rooted in Ludacracy sounds about right.
Anyway, back to the topic. 
Letters of Intent: 
Part of The Process that must be followed if YOU want to Roll with the Plaid and Patches… at the back of the pack
Letter of Intent
By: The Cog Fairy…  EndlessBikeCo Chick 
Sorry to be late as fuck with this. Joey asked for this months ago.

Stupid program won’t let me make the coupon xyz so we’re gonna have to deal with “….” this once. In addition to 20% off of all EndlessBikeCo. Products for life, I am also willing to offer a free place to rest your head and a personal guide to Pisgah and Asheville any time so long as I live on the East Coast… can I get some endless e patches made for my shirt?

I dig ya’lls style. I wanna be part of BPR. However, I do run squishy front forks sometimes… I also like to ride (race) lifts and DH every once in a while. I also don’t have a titanium bike…yet. However, I promise to be a good addition to BPR. Can I wear my wings with the black and red? How about tutu’s? Where do I get one of those sweet shirts in a ladies small or mens extra small? I love to drink beer for breakfast along with those burritos. Fuck yeah! Single Fucking Speed! 


Letter of Intent
Back of the Pack AUSTRALIA
(Charter Established ~ 2011… so this is just some Mad Rhino induced torture)
Back in the day, The Philosofizer… The Hustorian… The Leader… made all the decisions. If a dude was cool and wanted to roll, then The Philosofizer made a command decision. History shows that the decisions are ‘robust’, most of the time. (There was always that freak called PROB-EEE.) But now that people ALL OVER THE WORLD want to tag on and roll with The Crew, shit gets complicated. So we check references and all that other stuff.   Or Not. Then The Founding Fathers discuss The Issues at a BPR Supreme Council Mtg. Yep, the decision comes down to three dudes, sitting around a table, drinking beer and laughing about The Glory Days. 
So, although The Founding Fathers make all decisions, we still have a process, we have a few rules. Thanks to the organizational initiative of Mad Rhino… Founder / Leader of BPR Arizona.

The Process:
  1. You create a letter of intent. Check out the examples below.
  2. If you want to start a new chapter, if you are accepted, you will accept the roles of The BPR Chapter Leader. This means, you are responsible for all BullShit that goes on in the BPR Chapter ranks. You vouch for those that want in that specific BPR Chapter.
Ok, all joke’n aside. The 1st link is the big picture of The Process. The next two links are examples of how you SHOULD be creative. Alcohol helps the process. The finally example is just a hilarious piece of work from Mad Rhino’s buddy, JimFab 
Anyway, take a look at the links below. Sit back. Think. 
and remember -> in the end, if you are cool, all rules can be broken. Oh wait. Foxy Mamas can break ALL rules. Dudes… one gear, one f*^k’n speed, no spandex… all the other rules are challenged, from time to time.
the big picture:
an example:
another example:
one total wack job that hangs with us… but rides gears:

And because the Wu-Tang Clan belongs… at the back of the pack:
(just listen and chill… and don’t think… dude)

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