J.R. & The CTR: The Vegas Odds 10:1

That’s right. The CTR is starts on Aug 10th: 

And The Super Moon is Aug 10th and The WereWolves WILL BE OUT!
(Just had to point that out!) And by the way, I’d rather be a Vampire then a WereWolf. If you were wondering.

If I’m not on TrackLeaders for some reason. Follow me here:

A FlashBack… The Morale Chairman and I pushing up Indian Trail Ridge in 2011
A PreRide before the 2011 ITT Attempt that ended at mile 470.

A Few Thoughts, Because I’m Thinking:

The Vegas Bookies have set the odds for Judd’s successful completion of the CTR. The Odds 10:1. So… throw down some ca$h IF YOU are feeling lucky.

I, myself, think the odds are more like 2:1. Yeah. I’m confident. But not that confident. 

I logged > 1000 miles on the Colorado Trail.  Yep, I’ve traveled across Colorado many times: http://singlespeeding-on-thecoloradotrail.com

In 2011 I was 30 miles from the finish, but was cruise’n the final miles with The Durango Kidd and we decided that Cheeseburgers sounded better than Indian Trail Ridge. (Well, who wouldn’t choose a Cheeseburger over 20 miles of hike-a-bike?)


So I’m ready. I guess. Well, I’m ready for a vacation on the Colorado Trail. I’m ready to finally ‘find’ myself. Ok. Maybe not. I’ll always be lost. That’s just how I am. That’s just how I roll.

But I’m older. I’m wiser. I’m more mature. So… I think the odds are 2:1. Maybe 3:1. 

I Wonder: 
If you care, Digest the gear I’m roll’n out with. List below. 
I wonder what I forgot. I wonder what I’ll need but decided to leave home. Well, I wonder a lot. 
Yeah. I wonder: Sixto Rodriguez – I Wonder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6bjqdll7DI 

And if you’re wondering where I’ll be, I’ll be in the San Juans the 1st few days: 
But it’ll be warm and wet, not cold and wet. And while I’m at it, I’ve met this Joey Schusler dudePretty cool. (Some times I gotta name drop, it’s a credibility thing. Yeah right.)

I don’t have much else to say. My head is stuck in the clouds right now. Because that is where I’ll be, like tomorrow.

So… Adios. That’s how we say ‘see you later’ down in New Mexico

Token Pics:

who’s kid’n who? There ain’t no smiling leading up to a challenge like this…
the real smile will happen once I break through 12,000ft (MSL) tomorrow
the beauty of the sheep
the machine
the LACK of all bikepacking comfort items… like my pillow and teddy bear

the mechanical advantage has been chosen, wisely

and a look back to National IPA day, 2 days ago… New Mexico Romance

The info – The Gear:

And we all know that there IS NO NEED for Personal Protection Devices on The CT.
BUT… we are at the Dawn of Armageddon
AND the Alien Invasion is just weeks away
So if all hell breaks loose during my CT adventure… 
should I be prepared to ‘integrate’ into a post apocalyptic society. Maybe. 
We’ll see what I roll out with on Aug 10th, 6AM.

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