Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back. v14.32

Another 168 Hours gone by…

Since The Philosizer is roaming around Colorado, The Mad Rhino will bring you this weeks watered down, Natty Light version of the “168”

This week’s Creepy B.P.R. Selfie Award goes to …
TAZ from the U.K.

Creepy Selfie Pic Winner
Taz is one crazy “loon”…or are American’s loons? I don’t know, but the B.P.R. USA can’t wait until this guy visits for SSAZ2015
Taz Fat Bike

Hasbro is about to release the “B.P.R. TAZ” action figure

Cjell Mone is rocking the Tour Divide and is somewhere out there.

Cjell Mone – larger than life.  If you see this dude out in the country, buy him a beer and a meal and get him to tell you a radical story.

Cjell’s bike enjoying the wild flowers

Blondie says hello…from Papua New Guinea

Duece…hanging out in Nogales…with large bundles tied to his back.

Frog and the Lion – “Baggin it down”. Stolen from Faceb00k

The Jolly Rogers and Frog the Polliwog 

This is not B.P.R.

The Judd, The Angry Cycling Gorilla…busting bike parts again sabotaging his racing victories on the CTR this year.

The Professor battling it out with Spencer and Deuce for the B.P.R. paranod Prepper of the year award.

The Mad Rhino and Mamasonga take the Captain’s Chair

Thanks to local sponsors, “The Dick and Cheryl Foundation”…B.P.R. will be rolling up to the races in The Chieftain.
Drives just like my old school bus

New B.P.R. race fuel.  There is a debate on the quality of the fuel since it’s passed the expiration date.

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