Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back. v14.33

Another 168 hours. Another 7 days of Adventures… all over the planet we call EARTH.
BPR New Zealand: the dudes keep sending me these black and white pics. 
yeah, those dudes are almost at the bottom of EARTH
but you’d think they’d have color ‘film’ by now

BPR Roaming Chapter: Cjell Monē kicking A$$ on the Tour Divide.
The dude hung with Don McClung in Salida.
Sounds like The McClung dude educated The Monē dude on Single & Rigid
Don McClung: Muscle Blood & Steel

Cjell Monē: breakfast above Brazos 
Cjell Monē: his lady chill’n on the couch, relaxing in BPR bamboo socks…
& dreaming of her man out on the Tour Divide, all while sip’n on lentil soup

 BPR Australia: cruise’n through the trees

BPR Australia: what a view
BPR Australia: where are the kangaroos?

BPR Australia: wild! is that a) ham and egg white omelet b) some alien infused mineral site


BPR UK. Taz get’n his ‘taper’ on prior to SSUK
BPR AZ: doing what they do

BPR NM: The Morale Chairman having trouble reentering society and waiting for SSWC15

BPR NM: photo dump
Judd in Colorado, again. The San Juan Mountains 
call me if you want to schedule a stop during my 2015 speaking tour
oh wait, I don’t have a phone
look’n down on Silverton Mountain… a radical ski area
i’m pretty sure I lived here in a past life
quality of construction has my name all over it
monsters live down there
this baby will be fired up in a few months
although, I suggest you ‘Earn Your Turns’
That was the mountain that I cruised up
Red Mountain #3
Can you spot the sheep?
Colorado Romance

and yes, there are big a$$ alien spaceships cruise’n over Colorado

and now… starting the next 168 hours.

Stay Cool

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