Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: 14.36

so, due to vacation we missed a week, missed v14.35. no big deal. you survived. 

The last two weeks have been HUGE for BPR UK. Taz, leader of Back of the Pack UK, was one of the organizers of Single Speed UK Championships 2014: SSUK14. And I think his ‘mate’ Keef was also in on the Ludacracy. (Yeah, no one really rolls solo when put’n on a huge event.)

So we hope the freak sends us some good pics and stories. Until then, well start off this photo dump with Taz and a video produced from some hooligan that attended SSUK14.

BPR UK: Taz roll’n in the BPR colors, of course
and for some reason photogenic Taz looks a lot more ‘cuddly’ then he really is. 

the pics:


BPR NM: The Philosofizer doesn’t hang out at The Coffee House for… coffee
… it’s all about the bodacious beauties


BPR NM: The Morale Chairman was (is) in Germany.
Scouting out BPR Oktoberfest…
… no joke, jokester
The Morale Chairman made a new friend in Germany
some jackA$$ named Ludwig invited TeddNeck into his house
the dude called it Linderhof Castle
yeah, TeddNeck rolls with ‘That Crowd’
and then when The Morale Chairman get’s tired of Ludwig…
… the dude goes to Happy Hour. of course
BPR Australia: Not much riding going on.
sounds like Danger Sean got stuck in his knut hug’n spandex
so Blondie just cruised solo, drank beer and raised hell



BPR Australia: but it looks like Blondie found her Grammar School Bike. 
That’s exactly what we do with gear’d s*^t… at the back of the pack
we ditch it
BPR AZ: Heyduke living it up… with Foxy Mama and Heyduke Jr… 
and Modus…of course


BPR AZ: If you meet these guys in a dark alley…
just say hello and offer up a hug and a beer


BPR AZ: Mad Rhino pimp’n The Chieftan 


BPR AZ: romance as usual
BPR AZ: it’s a lonely road… at the back of the pack
BPR AZ: just remember… this s*^t ain’t allowed
unless you role with the alias of Heyduke or The Professor or…
… you’re foxy.

check out this video. looks like I missed ‘IT’ again. 

and I’m not exactly sure where the race was… but clearly, it was somewhere in / around Sherwood Forest. Just a good guess.

oh yeah, I rip’d off the video from this blog:

ssuk14 mp4.mp4 from mark holttum on Vimeo.

and until next time… stay cool

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