Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.40

Another week is in the books. And, as usual, the Crew was turning cranks all over the world. 

This week I’ll be nice… I won’t bore you with my psychotic soliloquy of The Alternate Reality.  

Maybe you can use your imagination and keep yourself entertained.

BPR United Kingdom:

Taz pimp’n out the ‘sheep and his new Stooge Frame.

BPR Roaming Chapter, aka Cjell Monē:

Monē hang’n with Don McClung. bad a$$

Monē: spent $100 on a bike and $100 on a bike lock

that’s how he roll’d back in his bike messenger days

BPR Arizona:

32xYM: don’t ask. because we won’t tell you. i think

Aspens were just starting to change, which helped with climb up to Snow Bowl area

Meadow near Aspen Corners

The Texans tie the knot on top of Snow Bowl in Flagstaff, AZ…..

BPR Australia:

BPR New Mexico:

Bar hop’n in New Mexico. 

Back of the Pack Style. Black Sheep Style

Until Next Week… Stay Cool

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