Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.45

another 168 hours in the books. (What? As if we can find The Hours in The Books. Sometimes The English language doesn’t make sense.)

not much to say this week. but the cranks were turning all over the world… back of the pack style.

our brotha from another mutha, Krazy Karl, turf’d it big time. Busted up femur. But it sounds like Krazy Karl is doing ok. And that’s all that matters.

I swiped a few pics from Social Media / Social Networking sites. It’ll be interesting to see if I get sued. Like I care.

and to end this week in style -> let’s jam out:

Stay Cool


Oh Yeah. almost forgot. a phat a$$ movie. just because The Morale Chairman likes to geek out. and we honor all geeks at the back of the pack

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