Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.44

Another 7 Days that we’ll Never Get Back:

a bit late. but i was busy… doing nothing… and who really cares. you already know that another week is in the books and that The Crew @ the Back of the Pack was turning the cranks all over the world. 

Yep, it’s a Rebelution thing. 

So. Week 44 of v2014 went down. Everyone is still breathing oxygen. Which is always a plus. Especially considering Halloween and the Halloween chaos that roll’d right around the world. Or at least the Northern Hemisphere. No real evidence that Halloween hit the BPR chapters in New Zealand & Australia. But those freaks south of the equator are always a bit more serious then us Hooligans in The North.

So. I’m still tired of all this JawJack’n. So let’s get to the pics.

But do me a favor: 
Hit the PLAY button and jam out to the tunes… and then cruise the pics

A Pict-oral View Into The History: 
BPR New Mexico: the Morale Chairman is still off the couch
well, you could say that
The Truth is… he wanted a burrito and had no ga$ in his truck
BPR NM: yes you can
kiss my … please
BPR NM: and again
because that is how we roll
BPR Arizona: riding in the desert

BPR AZ: the desert
BPR AZ: the crew and friends
BPR AZ: deep in thought
BPR AZ: Moscow Mules
BPR AZ: brothers from another mother
and Moscow Mules
BPR AZ: I guess it’s Halloween
BPR AZ: any questions?
BPR AZ: that’s some kinky s*^t
BPR AZ: the dudes new / old rig is roll’n
yeah…it sure looks like Hayduke has some extra cables going to the rear wheel
just say’n
BPR Colorado: Tracy & Nick
Turning laps at 25 Hours in Frog Hollow
BPR United Kingdom: Taz has the Stooge set up with some big rubber
BPR UK: TAZ and Foxy Mama doing the Halloween thing…
or something

BPR Australia: Blondie and Crew putting in the miles
BPR AUS: seeing the sites
BPR AUS: pounding the Pale Ale
BPR AUS: one for the road?
BPR AUS: blondie says… “just a random American Bloke with a cool shirt”
BPR AUS: still out there
BPR AZ: and we are back to Arizona
a random thought from Jolly
BPR AZ: a random hot chick. thx to Jolly
BPR New Mexico: this is the way to carry your puffed Cheetos
I would know

Until Next time… Stay Cool


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