Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.48

or should we say that it’s another 14 days / 336 hours that we’ll never get back.

time flies. (really? does time fly? interesting.) anyway, we’ve been busy. busy doing stuff and busy turning the cranks.

ok. the details. in picture format

 BPR AZ: chapter meeting… the meeting of The Minds… and everyone leaves confused


 BPR NM: pure romance


 BPR Roaming / Colorado: the Monē & Black Sheep klunkers hit’n the streets of Fort Collins


BPR AZ: Mad Rhino showing some Fury… at 12 Hours of Fury


BPR AZ: Krazy Karl is official


BPR United Kingdom: holy smokes! Taz is 40! happy belated birthday


BPR New Zealand: yep, Dan is roll’n the sheep far below the equator.

(And I stole this pic from Social Media sites.)


BPR Australia:

Blondie and SOMEONE that isn’t DANGER SEAN decided that Thanksgiving = Halloween.

USA to Australia mixup in holidays. I guess. Probably

And Danger Sean’s body double had to bring out the body hug’n outfit, of course. F’n Australian beach bums. 


and the rest of the story:


and until next time -> stay cool.


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