Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.49

we’re running out of weeks. last I heard, there are 52 weeks in 2014. and I’m pretty sure the end of this year will be f’n insane. just say’n.

anyway, I really have nothing to say. I’m busy ‘training’ for Dawn to Dusk… this weekend. yeah. training. whatever that is.

If you feel like hang’n with the BPR crew. make your way out to McDowell Mountain Regional Park. you won’t regret it. well, you probably will.

enough jaw jack’n. let’s get to the last 168 hours. 

BPR New Zealand. Big Bad Dan with a big bad grimace. The Bannockburn Gutbuster 2014 – before a snow storm.
BPR Arizona. doing what they do
BPR Colorado / Roaming. Monē doing what the Monē thing
BPR New Mexico. just total romance
BPR Arizona: a hint of this coming weekend? ouch



2 thoughts on “Another 7 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v14.49

  1. What’s with the tandem frame? You making sure the brothers’ Rohwer cross finish line at the arrowhead? Btw thanks for the post, pics, whatever. Living vicarisly thru the interwebs til my pelvis heals. Can sit on bike seat yet. Thinking of contacting BarcaLounger about a custom saddle


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