Arrowhead 135 v2015: It’s On

If you know The Brothers Rohwer – you know that we aren’t exactly ‘right’ in the head. We live in The Alternate Reality and our lifestyle, The Lifestyle, is defined with one word… Ludacracy.

We live eat and breath Back of the Pack Racing. AND there is ONE Adventure that motivates us year round. The Arrowhead 135.

And The Arrowhead 135 is On. Dude. Dudette.

So if you want to follow this action, via a beacon transmissions follow the links below: (Los Padrinos will be following us.)

the trackleaders link. Watch the ‘race’ action:

The Philosofizer’s Spot Data, aka, the Beacon:  The Link… HyperLink… the Magic:

The Morale Chairman’s Spot Data, aka, the Beacon:

And if you want some history, from The Hustorian, keep on truck’n down this post.

The Brothers Rohwer living it up in Minnesota: Arrowhead 135 v2014


 The Brothers Rohwer living it up in Minnesota ~ 1976


The Philosofizer at the Arrowhead Finish. January 28th 2014


And if you car about the ‘track stuff’



 if you care about the 2013 & 2014 history

Arrowhead 135 v2014 – FINISHED! 

Arrowhead 13 v2013 – Didn’t.

and if you care to see more pics from v2014

and some tunes… just because:

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