12 Hours in the Papago. The Freaks get’n their Freak On

A quick summary. Because I, The Philosofizer, must hit the hay…

Via Mad Rhino: The BPR AZ Leader.

A ginormous thanks goes out to Four Peaks Brewing Company for supporting Back of the Pack Racing at 12 hours in the Papago this past weekend. It’s an incredible fun race in the middle of the Tempe, AZ. Also a big thanks to all the friends and fans that stopped by the Four Peaks B.P.R. tent for high fives, fist bumps, and man hugs.

the commentary from the sidelines:

Back of the Pack Arizona is a crazy f’n subset of The Crew. I was ‘scheduled’ to throw down laps with the The Dudes at 12 Hours in The Papago. But I didn’t make it. Never-the-less I heard stories and figured out The Truth in The Alternate Reality. So, we all know I’m busy, just like you are busy, but I still have time to document the results. I still have time to hold The Crew accountable. I still have time to do… something. Or nothing.


The results:

Rhino. “S*^T, I could fit into Daisy Dukes but I’ll sport Mad Rhino Dukes and bust out a cool 10 laps”… 496.8 pts
Frog. “I’m solo and single and rigid. So I’ll just cruise to an easy 12 laps. By the way, wanna karaoke tonight?” Award. 292.3 pts
Karl. “Hell. I have a new titanium leg, I’ll pound a few beers & bust out 6 laps and assume the title of BPR Living Legend. Because I can”  award. 258.1 pts
Eff Ugeyez. “Ill fix everyone’s bike. I’ll screw Hayduke over in BPR points. I’ll rage a lap in an apron and steel toed boots. I’ll just flat out multitask and acquire major BPR points on the side. And Eff Ugeyez.” Award. 205.2 pts
Gnarly. “I’m gonna rage on a klunker until I wanna ride my light SS until I wanna eat Chinese food with Hayduke” award. 43.3 pts
Hayduke. “I’m gonna rage. I’m gonna podium. Oh wait. I wanna go do yoga with the wife and eat Chinese food, so f*^k this racing thing” award. 25.8 pts
Joey. “I’m on a team. We won. We’re awesome but I got f*^ked in BPR pts yeah. Dead last doesn’t mean loser but winner doesn’t really mean winner” Award. 14.52 pts.
The Philosofizer. “I’m gonna blow off this race, hang with the morale chairman drink beer in the snow and just f’n philosofize” award. Zero points.

just the way it is:

Mad Rhino is… sexy


 The Winner… Winning…


 Most of the following photos are credited to: Shawn Bolduc. I think. So give the dude a high five. Just because.



The Matrix… The Points:



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