Another 42 Days We’ll Never Get Back: v15.11

It’s been a long 6 weeks. Many dudes, dudes of The Crew, have been turning the cranks all over the world. And a large set of The Crew executed serious crank revolutions at some serious events… all over this planet we call EARTH.

Yeah, just to be complete, if you care, The Past Events in which The Crew dominated @ the back of the pack:

The Kiwi BrevetThe Silverton WhiteoutSingle Speed Arizona, 2015. 24 Hours in the Old PuebloThe Lake McMurtry Benefit. The Race referred to as The Snow Grind. The Port Hills Classic.

Yep, it’s been a long 6 weeks and I really don’t have the time or motivation to write The History of all those races. If you care. Let me know. I can work some magic. Well, magic is easy, if there is something in it for ME.

So… we’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check below for race pics. Check below for just plain old Hooliganism, all around the Planet Earth, Back of the Pack style.

.But I know you, the dude and / or dudette cruising this site,  realize that the current point total of The Back of the Pack Championship Series is really ALL THAT MATTERS –  because NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. So check out who’s on top and who’s on bottom.  And just remember… you are only… Ok. I won’t go there. Because it’s the 2nd decade of the 21st century and we ain’t gonna start that 20th century trash talk’n. The link, again:

New Zealand: The Kiwi Brevet

The Silverton Whiteout


Single Speed ArizonaS v2015

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo:

Kansas: The Lake McMurtry Benefit:

Kansas: The Snow Grind

Kansas: Just Crazy S*^T


Arizona: More Crazy S*^T

Australia: Foxy Mamas and Booze and Beaches

North Dakota: Routine, Random and Continuous Chaos:

United Kingdom: Bikes and More Bikes. Where are the Babes?

New Zealand: Port Hills Classic aka The Race @ Dan’s Farm:

PHC2015 Stumpy


 and just because:

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