Another 14 Days we’ll Never Get Back

Back of the Pack Racing: update on The 2015 Championship Series

The Leaders are Leading 3 months into the 2015 BPR Championship Series. But Churchy is climbing the ranks due to a Krazy Kansas gravel road race season. Or something like that. Big months ahead though. So anything can happen and something will happen. That’s a guarantee.


Back of the Pack Racing: New Mexico

New Mexico graffiti. Artistic Freedom: New Mexico style aliens
is it an Anarchy thing?

Back of the Pack Racing: Kansas

Renegades of Gravel

Bull on Parade



Back of the Pack Racing: UK Chapter

Battle on the Beach. The Written Word of Taz.

Well, back from my first big race of the season, Battle on the Beach; its a mental mix up of crazy dutch on specific monster cross beach racers, normal cx, fat bikes, mountain bikes and a few die hard singlespeeders. I fucking love this event, the venue is awesome, matt page the organiser always builds a wicked course and you get to spin your tits off down miles of beach in a massive drag race start.

This year was also a bit special for me as it was Amanda’s (the diminutive and mental lady taz’s) first ever race having only been on a bike for a year. She decided on a fat singlespeed for riding and decent honey brandy in her hip flask.

Got to the venue, got shit together, gave roy and judy a massive hug and some BPR caps and then went for a spin on the course, fking brilliant, gorgeous singletrack, comedy loose sand in fast corners and some stiff little grunter climbs to get the legs burning.

Got back then had a mellow evening of drinking, catching up with friends and making new ones, got happily mashed with charlie the bike monger and Gil and then ended up roller army boots, with full BPR patches. ..a little worse for wear….somehow posted a not bad time…..and then the fkers made me race again in the semi finals agaisnt the chap that eventually won….fuck me that was chunder bucket time…although im proud to say I might of had a mouth of spin induced beery bile, none of it left the lips of a taz, and like a true lady of the night I swallowed it in one.

Race day: fk yeah. 600 eager idiots line up and wait for the countdown, stood about in a sea of lycra sharing a hip flask with Andy from stooge cycles..gogogogogogo…leg it over the soft sand and leap on the bike, sit on a stray bollock and let out a small yelp (fuck knows how cx riders look so smooth doing it they must be castrated at their fist race as an initiation!) Sort gentlemans vegetables out whilst pedalling and get on the business of riding up through the groups of riders, have a chat to some singlespeeders, have a quick catch up with roy and judy as I pass them trundling on fatties…really start to get the spin on and enjoy this..

..first serious maul of the day and im greeted by the sound of metal letting go and im suddenly holding bars that aren’t connected to the fucking bike, whilst clipped in. A small rabbits nose of poo may have appeared in my pants and according to witnesses I may have said such things as “oh golly gosh, what a surprising turn of events” and “deary me, I now have a long stroll back, with a bicycle that appears to be below par in terms of usability”…or words to that effect.

Long walk back in the sunshine, heckling and being heckled by folks….

But still a great event and I can’t wait to get back next year and go for the ss podium.

Amanda kicked ass and finished with a massive smile and a question about riding in this years SSUK champs.

Judy McNeill got podium twice in the little old lady category and girly fat bike cat. (Judy. These are words of Taz. NOT THE WORDS of us respectful dudes in The Colonies.)


And I? I learned that my monkey arms, some huge black sheep bars and bloody a minded riding style do not mix with lightweight titanium stem bolts!!

I fucking love bikes


And Some Reports from The Road

Judy & Roy at the Battle on the Beach.

BPR Colorado / The Super Freaks and Freaks: Meeting of the Minds @ Papago Short Track

BPR Colorado  / The Super Freaks and Freaks: Drew get’s Nuts with Spring

And now some tunes from Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros

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