Eff Uguyez – Tour Divide 2015

B.P.R. has it’s first racing riding in the Tour Divide this year.  Eff Uguyez (Spencer) is off on a long journey from Banff Canada to Mexico.  We’ll try to update you with Spencer’s progress and ludacracy as he makes his way along the route.

Watch Spencer’s progress at www.trackleaders.com/tourdivide15.  Scroll down the list of names on the right, its alphabetical by FIRST name, so go down to ‘S’ (not ‘E’, Eff Uguyez is his birth name, but he commonly is knows as Spencer).

Texts and messages of support/abuse/ridicule are most welcome!

(the pictures below are totally out of order, because the Mad Rhino doesn’t know how to use the program yet)

SG 4
Spencer begins his FIRST attempt of actually putting on his bags and gear on his bike. Most people would test this stuff out in Arizona. Not B.P.R. and definitely not Eff Uguyez.
SG 3
“I got a knife, what else could I possibly need. Oh yeah, I have my bear rape whistle.”
SG 2
Eff Uguyez sticks to his strict training schedule and diet.
SG 1
Eff Uguyez files north to the Land of the Molson, with a shiny new passport and a shiny old bike. B.P.R. isn’t exactly sure how they let this guy on the plane. We were pretty sure he was on the Do Not Fly List.
SG 19
Spencer returns for his missing items. Big smile on his face, breakfast (Fireball) must be kicking in.
SG 14
Eff Uguyez snarling at all the competition. He also apparently stole those orange gloves from the dudes on the airport runway directing the planes taxing on the runway.
SG 15
Spencer refused to deviate from his strict training regime of fireball for breakfast.
SG 16
Eff Uguyez lines up for the start of a one big adventure. Something missing?
SG 17
And off he guys. Still notice something missing?
SG 18
…and Spencer is back…retrieving probably one of the most important pieces of his gear. His backpack, which most likely contained the Fireball.
SG 13
Spencer makes the starting line on time. Rumor is this isn’t really him, since he was not late.
SG 12
Eff Uguyez enjoys long walks on the beach. Taking in the Banff scenery and pointing at birds or something.
SG 11
Double Facebook Like…
SG 10
Who’s your daddy?
SG 9
Eff Uguyez using his years of training as a gynecologist to pack his seat bag.
SG 8
“I saw this technique on Animal Planet once.”
SG 7
Spencer has superb navigational skills, what could possibly go wrong??
SG 6
After meeting some fellow racers, Spencer decides he probably should start studying the maps.
SG 5
Spencer wondering if he has everything.

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