Romance at the Back of the Pack – closing out 2015

back in the day – when I had motivation – I would compile a Year in Review. Good Stuff. But I’ve finally realized that Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words.

Yeah. After all these years I’ve accepted the fact that most people have no patience for the written word. It’s all about The Pics. Dude.

By the way, something to ponder: In terms of THE ALTERNATE REALITY we are WAY BEYOND the 1/2 POINT of the 2ND DECADE of the 21ST CENTURY. Think about that… for a minute. Just a suggestion.

SO…  The Year in Review is tossed aside and The Pictures will tell The Story of…

Romance at the Back of the Pack – v2015

And you may be wondering a few things. so I will explain a few things. in no particular order:

  1. Romance at the Back of the Pack… it’s all about sunrises and sunsets. nothing else
    • not some trashy romance novel with a Fabio pictorial
    • not some smoochy poo pics of you and your honey cuddling by the fire
  2. If you look close, you’ll see evidence of The Alternate Reality. Like The Alien Influence
  3. If you think all these pics were taken in 2015… think again
  4. If you have Attention Deficit Disorder… go back to your Facebook thing.
  5. If you want some of the standard Back of the Pack Humor… wait til tomorrow.
  6. If you don’t like nice pictures and are craving for a standard BPR post… wait til tomorrow.
  7. If you are dying to know who will be crowned Champion – BPR Championship Series v2015… wait til tomorrow.

And now the pics. Dude. Dudette.

A BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE… BEAUTIFUL. BUT can you see the Path of Diffraction? Path of Diffraction = a standard communication channel from The MotherShip to the Earth based Aliens
A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET… BEAUTIFUL. Can you see the Path of Diffraction… again? This Path of Diffraction if a bit different from the previous one.
just a crazy a$$ sunrise at The Local Prison Camp
another crazy a$$ sunrise at The Local Prison Camp
a crazy a$$ sunset over The Land of Enchantment
another sunrise… as experienced during a trip to The Local Prison Camp
uh… no idea
a BEAUTIFUL sunrise during an early AM training ride
just more of the same


again. more of the same
road closed. dude. turn around

and more more pics – a gallery as some would call it.

nothing like New England and IPA… just waiting for the sunset now or sunrise or… another beer
wow. New England Ice Storm = it’s cold out there. But it’s a romantic cold

AND THEN… there is Ministry

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