Handlebar James – The Butcher


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Handlebar James – The Butcher – JRok

B.P.R welcomes our newest member of the crew to the Arizona Chapter in 2016.

aka:  Handlebar James

aka: The Butcher

aka: JRok

Handlebar James The Butcher just increased the Insanity and Ludacracy at the Back of the Pack.  This dude raised the bar to the ceiling, and we don’t see it getting lowered anytime soon.  The Butcher sucks at the internet, he rides single and rigid, and loves the environment and recycling as you can clearly see in his B.P.R. Letter of Intent below.

James crushes any bike he gets on top of.  He’s the master of the klunk, rolls the phatty, and his current rig is a homemade steel 29+.  Yes, folks that is a custom tallboy holder in the center of his top tube, which occasionally holds a water bottle depending on the heat index in Arizona.

Caution:  If you hold a Singlespeed race, and there is a hot tub nearby, watch out!

JRok’s Letter of Intent


The Butcher’s Rig

Single, Rigid, and Phat


One thought on “Handlebar James – The Butcher

  1. Front brake only (& pads barely worn, I presume), eh? This is precisely the type of full-on recklessness to which we are partial. Welcome aboard!


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