BPR Michigan and BPR Wyoming: Two New BPR Chapters anchored in The Alternate Reality

The Founding Fathers continue to scour The Planet Earth in search of honorable individuals to promote The Word, The Lifestyle, The Alternate Reality and all the Ludacracy that goes with ‘it’.

And what do you know… it’s time to introduce two new BPR Chapters: Back of the Pack Michigan and Back of the Pack Wyoming.

I’ll keep the introduction short, as the BPR Chapter Operating Instructions and Letters of Intent are all that matter.

But let it be known:

  • BPR Michigan is led by Woody, aka, The Preacher. This dude not only can and will officiate all BPR weddings, this dude redefines the term Street Cred.
  • BPR Wyoming is led by the foxy mama SoX, aka, The Goddess, aka The God-less. Or something like that. AND BPR Wyoming is the 3rd BPR Chapter lead by an individual that has the ‘other’ genetic makeup. (BPR Colorado is the 1st, BPR Australia is the 2nd…for your information.) You know, the missing Y chromosome thing – also referred to the homogametic sex(Bet that’s a new term for you… a socially correct term versus the BPR standard Foxy Mama classification.)

Yep. The Founding Fathers are psyched to bring in more cool & unique racers in the Global BPR Crew. And we look forward to upcoming Chapter Inspections, I mean visits, and the new dimension of chaos introduced by these new Chapters.

So. Enough Jaw Jacking from me.

Back of the Pack Michigan Chapter: Operating Instructions

Michigan-Chapter pg 1Michigan-Chapter pg 2

Michigan-Chapter pg 3

Woody’s Letter of Intent

Woody Modified PDF

BPR Michigan Pics

Back of the Pack Wyoming Chapter: Operating Instructions

WYO BPR Operating Instructions

BPR Wyoming Letters of Intent

MLowham_loi12650686_1198001216884339_812581945_nSUrbanski loi

BPR Wyoming Pics

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