24 Hours in The Enchanted Forest: An ESCAPE from YOUR reality

that’s right Dudes… Dudettes. It’s been like 1 month since 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. Which means… I’ve been busy. We’ll I haven’t. But that is my excuse.

So due to the fact that all this news is ancient history…. we’ll leave it all as ancient history.

Yeah. I won’t:

  1. write about the awesome times we had with Bill and the Gallup crew.
  2. write about the awesome party before the race. and the band at Cabin 34
  3. write about the excuses on why The Philsofizer only cranked out 4 laps. (Had nothing to do with Dirky Kanza 200 two weeks earlier. Had nothing to do with the pre race chaos. Had nothing to do with Krazy Karls wicket whiskey & ginger drinks.
  4. write about The FREIGHLINER and funny stories.
  5. write about how our friends raged at the front of the pack, like Corbin and his Brother winning the DUO class on single speeds… yeah. won DOU class and beat all the gear’d freaks, or like Ashley and her win, or Suga and her 2nd place, or Barry and his victory, or Patty Duke and her victory….
  6. write about The Mone lap. Where I went out to ride an AM lap with Mone and Corbin and was DROPPED like a bad habit before we hit the 1/4 mile mark. No Joke.
  7. write about the Krazy Karl lap. Krazy and I had a killer time on the final lap. And ‘crazy’ to see Karl navigate the course on his drop bars. Yeah. Drop Bars NOT Bombs.

AND I WON’T document current standings in the BPR Championship Series. I will save that for a future post… although it’s all current and we have a new dude leading the series.

And that’s about it.

The Course

I must say two things about the new course layout. 1) Awesome 2) Wicked. So that’s my 2 words. check out the details below.



So let’s just jump into the pics. And YOU can / should / will make up your own stories about The Ludacrazy at the back of the pack.

The Many Faces of Krazy

The Hooligans @ the Back of the Pack

The Many Faces of a Drunk Cyclist

and the total dump….


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