The Founding Fathers welcome BPR Arkansas Chapter

That’s right dudes and dudettes. The Founding Fathers held a BPR Super Council and decided to offer up / install the BPR Arkansas Chapter. (But we don’t know if it’s AR-Kansas or ARK-an-Sas or AR-Kan-saw. The English language thing is hard to figure out… still.)

So John Paul found the secrets on the inter-web, found the motivation to contact The Philosofizer and The Morale Chairman. And then jumped all over the two primary requirements. 1) A Letter of Intent, 2) BPR Chapter Bylaws.

Now, just a word of caution. #1 and #2 will not necessarily get a dude or dudette into the crew or hit the threshold for a new BPR Chapter. The primary element is proof that The Alternate Reality will be navigated, Ludacracy will be promoted and The Lifestyle will be maintained. Get it… we ain’t rolling across Planet Earth in A Club.  BPR is much more than A Club. It’s an extended family of Hooligans. And Hooligan-ism is what we promote… back of the pack style not criminal style. Or something like that… (Just don’t tell The Madre. She still thinks I run a ‘club‘. And we’ll keep it that way.)

So. John Paul, aka AR Bucko, is NOW rolling with The Crew. Below is his letter of Intent and the BPR Arkansas (AR-Kan-saw) Bylaws.

For anyone wanting to roll in the BPR AR crew, contact AR Bucko. Don’t contact me.  Contact AR Bucko. Yeah, Delegate the Dirty Work… that’s how The Founding Fathers roll.

And for anyone wanting to start up another BPR chapter, in the Great USA or somewhere on Planet Earth, this is how you do it.

And… Full Disclosure. Typos, Grammar & Sentence Structure issues are encouraged. Cuz this forum for communication is BPR Style. We are all f*^k’n out of grammar school and therefore have no interest in… grammar.


The Evidence that The Lifestyle is Lived. Without The Evidence. The Letter of Intent / BPR Bylaws would need to be extra-ordinary, Pulitzer Prize type quality. Otherwise The BPR Supreme Council would just meet-up at The Bar, talk about Ludacracy in The Alternate Reality… plan future hooligan-ism and forget about the tourist.

And BPR’s Surveillance Division found these pics… More proof that The Lifestyle is the lifestyle of choice. No fake’n this…


You may ask who the hell is this Dude in Arkansas?
  I was raised, in the Pacific Northwest. I realized at 12 years old, when  I read Thoreau, that it was me against the mainstream. In my life long exploration of the alternate reality, I have been a photographer, sailmaker, rigger, sailing instructor, bike frame brazing finisher, brewer, bartender, tobacconist, briar pipe carver, musician, custom guitar builder, custom gunstock maker, bike mechanic……. and on and on.
  At the the age of 60 I mostly ride bikes in the hills and hollers of the Ozarks and try and figure out the next best way to make enough money to have James built me a ti Black Sheep. Mostly I plan to spend the rest of my life rolling 32xYM, bike camping as often as I can and cause chaos at the back of the pack.
 My plan is to die extremely old and hard as fuck, bikepacking in some remote place,arrrrrrrrrr


Dear Founding Fathers,
In the spirt of peace, love,harmony, single,rigid,and midfat I offer my letter of intent to join the crew and form the Arkansas chapter of, Back of the Pack Racing.
I sailed around the Alternate reality as captain of the Wu fuckin Wei pirates in the great island chain of New Albion until lured off course by a lovely dudette and was ship wreaked in the Ozarks. When craft brewerys were built along the regional trail system, I discovered the drunkin joys of rigid and single. I own no squishy machines, but do admit to the occasional use of multi mechanical advantage. I have a steel is real 2001 Black Sheep, built for the Iditirod that is 3×8. Out of respect for its history, it will remain so, or what the fuck, I might just make it single and fat. I do not however fake the funk on my nasty klunk.
I don’t  own any form fitting bicycle attire. The uniform is the natural way to dress to ride for me.
If allowed to form and be Captian of a Chapter in Arkansas, I would make the pilgrimage to BPR home base, with a  load of Arkansas IPA.
John Paul Cook
aka r.bucko
aka AR bucko
aka Otter


BPR AR  bylaws and rules of conduct.

AR Bucko, John Paul Cook, Captain and Supreme  Commander. 12/3/2016

The Arkansas Chapter of Back of the Pack Racing has one Captain. John Paul Cook, the AR Bucko, who is supreme commander and will not be questioned . The crew shall greet the captain and each other with the ancient pirate greeting. Arrrrrrrrr. If you put a “gh” at the end of the Arrrrrrr you will flogged. The crew can refer to each other as bucko or dude if so inclined. They can refer to the captain by any name they like to call him except Betty. If you call the captain Betty, you will be flogged.

  BPR AR is based on the basic concept of Me Against The Mainstream.   BPR AR was formed by the captain to promote peace, love, harmony and, ludacracy and the life of embracing the alternate reality and 32xYM single speed bike riding in the wilds of Arkansas and world wide through riding at the back of any pack and making fun of dudes in lycra.

  To that end the Captain will Shanghai into the crew any Dude or Dudette that he encounters in the alternate reality of AR that is rolling 32xYM or is single and rigid and is living the BPR life, or is just generally bad ass and loves to ride bikes, especially in the woods for a long time while camping out.
Anyone  who wishes to roll with the BPR AR crew, will be admitted at the sole discretion of the Captain, upon satisfying his requirements, period.
The crew is obligated when being passed by any dude in lycra displaying a certain Arkansas based multinational chicken corporation logo, to cluck like a chicken at them, and ride to the nearest brewery for a beer.

  When participating in any riding and or drinking activities the crew is required to spread peace, love , and harmony.The BPR AR crew will be responsible each for their own safety and not hold anyone else to account for any injury. Especially if they ride off a bluff after twelve high gravity beers.

  The BPR AR crew will consume local beer whenever possible. Most BPR leaders prefer IPA.  The AR Bucko prefers a high gravity trippel or imperial stout.  The crew can drink the local beer of choice, but the Captain will ridicule them endlessly if they drink crappy rice based swill.

How we roll :
Dudes in the crew are required to follow the BPR AR bylaws or will be sanctioned , disgraced and publicly flogged by the captain, or just ignored while we roll on.
Dudettes who roll with the crew will do and dress as they please. They are not required to follow any rules accept the non discrimination clause. Dudes will do their best to encourage more dudettes to ride at their leisure and pleasure.

Uniform :
The BPR AR crew uniform will follow the founding fathers in wearing baggy shorts and work shirts, plaid preferred, or in cold weather, jeans or wool pants and whatever other warm cloths required to not die. Arkansas razorback red tee shirts or any tee shirt with a skull and cross bones on it or tank top in hot weather is acceptable. When attending BPR events, plaid and patches as per the founding fathers instructions will be considered good form.
Actually the Crew can wear what they please, but can and will be verbally flogged and ridiculed in public by the captain and crew if they roll in lycra or refer to the uniform as their kit.

Non Discrimination:
BPR AR crew will not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, creed, gender , sexual orientation, planet or dimension of origin, or choice of beer or other intoxicants.  The alternate reality is multiplex and open to vast interpretation according to the AR Bucko, who is also the Reverend Lightnin’, Captain and supreme commander.

The founding fathers roll single speed and rigid 32xYM in the Alternate reality. This is the original basis for how the crew shall roll. If a member of the crew rides with multigears, that is their business and will not be discriminated against. The AR Bucko rolls rigid, and most often SS, but has cool bikes, with multigears and will not accept any critique of his gears. The BPR AR crew may roll with squishy bits on their bike if that’s what they have. The more squishy bits the more they will be verbally flogged in public by the captain and crew. If caught riding full squish in lycra, they will have to buy the beer that day, including a high gravity local ale for Captain.

Any crew over 60 years old riding a klunker is OG and is owed the respect of the crew and a high gravity ale and cigar whenever he or she wants one.The BPR AR is formed to promote creative Chaos at the back of the pack at any event they can infiltrate. To be done with joy and love, and beer before, during and after. This is the interpretation of the Alternate reality by The Captain, AR Bucko…

The Crew at the Back of the Pack continues to grow. The Lifestyle is slowly taking over Planet Earth. The Founding Fathers never expected this to happen. The Founding Fathers created BPR for a few simple reasons. Single Speeds, Black Sheep Titanium, Ludacracy at the back of the pack. But over the years we’ve expanded to support Diversity in terms of bikes and material. Diversity in terms of definition of Hooligan-ism. Diversity in terms of Regional Dialect. (Yeah, us Founding Fathers still can’t understand what The Freaks say below the equator or what the Freaks say across The Atlantic. But we are cool with all that.)
So… we welcome AR Bucko and are psyched that the dude took the initiative to form BPR AR-Kan-Saw.
Over and Out.

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