Arrowhead 135 v2017: Show Up till You Blow Up…

Arrowhead v2017.  We are 10+ strong at this race but are missing one of Our Crew. Kevin left this world last spring. We miss the dude. We’re all racing with heavy hearts. But we’ll keep the cranks turning. And our thoughts are with Kevin and his family.


So…. Arrowhead v2017. Chaos is here. Ludacracy in The Alternate Reality is how we roll.

Yep. It’s late at night, the night before Race Day. The Entire BPR Crew is all freak’n out, working on bikes, packing and re-packing. Freak’n out some more. Mess’n with bikes some more. This is all pure insanity. But hey, this is what we do. And we actually live for this day, live for tomorrow, live for the challenge of it all.

So… Here are the links… the links for you and for The Madre and for anyone else that wants to track the RACE at the Back of the Pack.

Let’s Get this Party Started!


Arrowhead 135. The Site.

Arrowhead 135. TrackLeaders

Judd, aka The Philosofizer, BPR New Mexico

TeddNeck, aka, The Moral Chairman, BPR New Mexico

JB, aka, The Front Man, BPR Iowa

Steve, aka, The Ti-Machine, BPR Iowa  (Uh… Uh… No TrackLeaders Link. Search on Steve McGuire)

Woody, and, The Preacher., BPR Michigan

Jesse Ramsey, Michigan (no spot)

Dave, aka, Da Beard, BPR North Dakota

Leah, aka, Leah, BPR Minnesota

Jere, aka, Jere

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