2017… a Year of Ludacracy @ the Back of the Pack

2017 was a BIG YEAR @ the Back of the Pack.

Many Adventures, Many Goals Achieved: 1 Ten-Time Finisher of the Leadville 100, ~ 8 1/2 freaks finished the DK200 and 2 freaks earned giblets for 5 total finishes, 6 1/2 freaks finished The Arrowhead 135, 1 freak finished the AZT750, 1 super freak finished the Tour Divide, 1 psycho finished the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350.

And then there were those promoting the BPR Lifestyle, like a massive showing of BPR AZ hooligans at SSUSA and BPR New Zealand at SSWC. The Morale Chairman organized and executed SSNM which resulted in insane single speed ludacracy. And we can always count on Cjell Mone to wander the world with his BPR socks.

And with 2017 Ludacracy comes Growth and Expansion… back of the pack style

22 new dudes and dudettes in The Crew:

Chapters Expanding: AR, AZ, CO, IA, KS, MI, WYO

New Chapters:

France https://backofthepackracing.com/15-bpr-france/

Ohio https://backofthepackracing.com/16-bpr-oh/

Oregon https://backofthepackracing.com/17-bpr-or/

California https://backofthepackracing.com/18-bpr-ca/

Texas https://backofthepackracing.com/19-bpr-tx/

Rhode Island https://backofthepackracing.com/20-bpr-ri/

Massachusetts https://backofthepackracing.com/21-bpr-ma/

The BPR Founding Fathers are super psyched that the BPR Lifestyle is spreading across the GREAT USA and moving eastward in Europe.

The Revolution of Ludacracy, Single Speed Hooliganism, Fat Bike Chaos and good old-fashioned bike riding is guaranteed to succeed. Just because… because what global group of dudes and dudettes on two wheels hasn’t changed Planet Earth? (Yeah, no need to ponder that statement.)

Looking into the Future, 2018 

2018 will bring more adventures, more chaos and more heartache. Heartache? What the F*^k am I talking about. Oh well, “heartache” seems to promote the ‘romance’ that fuels that BPR Lifestyle.

foundingfathers-froghollow.jpgAnd, with luck, this BPR Lifestyle will continue to expand to all corners of Planet Earth. What do we seek with this expansion? No real ‘seek-a-tion’. The World is just a better place with Patches, Plaid and Bikes.

So what’s up for 2018? Races and ‘Races’

Arrowhead 135, Silverton WhiteoutIditarod Trail Invitational, Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Dirty Kanza 200, Colorado Trail Race, Trans South Dakota, Gravel World Championships, Single Speed NM, Single Speed USA, Single Speed World Championships, BPR Global Summit. And, as usual, the BPR crew will make showings at races such as Fire on the Rim, SSAZ, Battle on the Beach, Maah Daah Hey 100. And then there are countless races the global BPR Crew attends all over the globe: UK, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand…

I could go on and on. But I won’t. Time to look back in history via pictures. Cuz you like pictures. I like pictures. We all like pictures. (And reading pscho-babble takes effort.)

The 2017 History in Pictures

Patches, Patches, Patches


Some Random Pics.. The Lifestyle at the Back of the Pack v2017


2 thoughts on “2017… a Year of Ludacracy @ the Back of the Pack

  1. Hey Judd , been enjoying reading all your madness over the last few months.Hope to see you in Anchorage before ITI .
    Liked your statement ” if you sit on the couch, you die in the snow “.
    What if your sittin ‘ on the couch scoffing beers, then you’d probably be okay…. maybe .
    Take care big man , see ya soon. Donald.Donald

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yo Donald. Great hearing from you. I just checked the ITI racer list. Headed to Nome! Awesome. See you in Anchorage. And yeah. I think scoffing beers on the couch should be A-Ok. Cuz it’s a sign of commitment. I think.


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