Arrowhead 135 v2018. It’s On, Like Donkey Kong

Arrowhead v2018. Chaos is here. Ludacracy in The Alternate Reality is how we roll.

Here are the links… the links for you and for The Madre and for anyone else that wants to track the RACE at the Back of the Pack.

Let’s Get this Party Started!


Arrowhead 135. The Site

Arrowhead 135. TrackLeaders

Judd, aka The Philosofizer, BPR New Mexico

TeddNeck, aka, The Moral Chairman, BPR New Mexico

JB, aka, The Front Man, BPR Iowa

Steve, aka, The Ti-Machine, BPR Iowa

Woody, aka, The Preacher. BPR Michigan

Jesse Ramsey, Michigan (no Spot Tracker)

Leah, aka, Leah. BPR Minnesota

Jere, aka, Jere

Some Pics from Arrowhead 135 v2017

2 thoughts on “Arrowhead 135 v2018. It’s On, Like Donkey Kong

  1. Good luck to you and your crew Judd!
    I was gonna go on a zillion mile training ride in the Aussie sunshine…..
    But maybe I’ll just grab a six pack and go sit in the park and watch Arrowhead 2018 …. maybe… like , probably.
    Go buddy !!!

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