Dirty Kanza 200 v2018. Glassman’s Race Report via Double Opticled Vision

The is an unconventional race report based on Ludacracy that resides in The Alternate Reality… BPR Style. (What?) So hang on MoFos and digest the DK200 race report via the Double Opticled Vision of The Glassman… super freak representing BPR Michigan

BUT… Before we get into the details. JB, aka The Front Man, earned a DK200 Giblet by finishing the 200 monster, fat and single and rigid, for a 5th time. He joins the other BPR Iowa Super Freaks in The Giblet Club. Way to go Front Man!



Here we go. But. But. One more detour. Before you dive into Glassman’s review… just a few pics of The Glassman, BPR Michigan.  The dude is a model, a pusher and a snoozer.  Just Say’n




Ok. Enough of the InterWeb Hug.

The DK200 Race Report…. at the back of the pack




The 200 Miles of Fun


The Action before The Race



It’s Race Day….



The 1st 50



The 2nd 50



The 3rd 50



The 4th 50



Game Over… Peaches Style (cuz no one took a pic of The Front Man)



The Day After



4 thoughts on “Dirty Kanza 200 v2018. Glassman’s Race Report via Double Opticled Vision

    1. Definitely one of the best races. Yeah. People are starting to complain about how big the race is, etc. But…. the only race that really matters is the race at… the back of the pack.


  1. The Race the Sun art awarded to the top 100 finishers that complete the Dirty Kanza 200 before sunset has become a milestone and goal for many DK racers. Since the inception of the award in 2013, it s been translated into jerseys and tattoos. Partnering with Emporia State University professor and artist James Ehlers has indeed made this piece so special, and the time and effort that go in Continue Reading


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