New MoFos… at the Back of the Pack. Summer 2018

Yo… Just an update on the new MoFos rolling at the back of the pack.  BPR New Mexico and BPR Oregon are growing… slowly. And that’s how we roll, slowly. Unless we roll fast, cuz a) we are in racer mode or b) we are running from the cops. (Well, BPR AZ is the only sub-crew that has issues with The Cops.) or c) we ate way too much red / green chili and are racing to a private place to deal with a mass evacuation.

Anyway. One comment from BPR Headquarters. In honor of Prob-eee…. #4 in The Crew, just below The Founding Fathers, we are bringing back the Prob-eee patch. And we are bringing back the true intent of the patch…. you gotta roll with the Prob-eee patch until you do something special. And that something special is easy. You gotta go on an adventure with a Founding Father or a delegate. Delegates will be assigned across Planet Earth, cuz… logistics MoFo, logistics.

It’s as easy as that. And the reason. We ain’t a social club. We are team of single speed fanatics that hit the open road and believe in adventure-ing. Adventure-ing with cool dudes and dudettes. With a focus on Peace Love and Hippie-ness.

The Prob-eee Patch


Enough psycho-babble. The info is below.

BPR New Mexico… The Chapter of The Founding Fathers

To The Powers That Be:
My name is Mild Bill, (Not like… My Name is Mud – random comment by The Philosofizer.) and this correspondence is to serve as my Letter of Intent to be inducted into BPR.
There are a ton of reasons why you should induct me.
The first reason is that im a cool laid back motherfucker, hence the Mild.
The second reason is that i LOVE RIDING BIKES!!  And i love riding even more when im doing it with other people who love it as much as i do.
The third reason is Recently, I became way less of a pussy and picked up a rigid fat bike from Deuce and we singled that shit out. I haven’t ridden my FSR since, and I’ve become proud of my single rigid fatness. I wanna hang out with more single rigid and fat people.
The fourth reason is that my chick is as cool as I am! She crushes trail and is super fun to hang around, so nobody will want to kick my ass if i bring her along.
The Fifth reason is that i can drink some fuckin beers and still crush trail. I might even be useful in a race!
Lastly and seriously, I just wanna have a good time with other cats that wanna have a good time. I can get along with just about anyone, and its cool if you have to jump me in. Just no blows to the face please. Yall fuckers need at least one good looking dude in the crew.
Anyway, hope yall give me a shot!
-Mild Bill


BPR Oregon… Leader = Spreader of Stoke

Mr. Acörn and PrincessPeppers. A super RÄD couple that live off their bikes for the last 2 years. Spending winters in Tucson and summers in OR. r. Acörn rides a SS Surly ECR loaded with gear. PrincessPeppers rides a Surly Ogre also loaded down. Despite being loaded down the super freaks throw down a pace that challenges BPR OR’s Spreader of Stoke.




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