The END of the WORLD… a winter bikepacking adventure

The End of the World… The End of the World… The End of the World

Some people think The End of the World will occur on the 21st. Others think it will END…  When it ENDs

I’m a bit more realistic. I believe that The End of the World will occur when the aliens launch the massive Alien Invasion. 

Yes, the alien invasion is currently planned for Dec 21st. As I am The One that is in The Know. But, as WE ALL KNOW, invasions, especially Alien Invasions, can be delayed. So I’m not exactly confident that The End of the World will happen on the 21st. 

But The Morale Chairman and I will be at the Chaco Canyon portal just in case The Mothership arrives and the invasion begins on the night of the 21st. 

Do you think I’m crazy? Or do you think I’m just pulling your leg? Or what…. Yeah. Life is all about the OR WHAT stuff.

Anyway. This bikepacking trip is the 1st adventure of a couple planned prior to the Arrowhead 135. The Morale Chairman and I hope to gain a bit of experience with the SUFFER FACTOR associated with COLD temperatures, COLD wind, COLD food (or no food), camping in the COLD AND exhaustion in the COLD. And the weather is turning out to be perfectly… not very COLD. But all is well. BECAUSE any type of COLD isn’t exactly equivalent to the FREEZING COLD that we will experience in northern Minnesota… on January 28th and 29th. So who are we trying to fool.

Judd’s Black Sheep FatBike… The SnowRoller

And if you actually want to see our real time progress – On the 21st or 22nd or 23rd – click this link OR check on the right side of the blog under the heading “The Location of The Action“. Dude. Dudette.

And if you wonder where the portal is – check out the pics from the scouting mission last May.

The Chaco Canyon… The End of the World… scouting expedition in May 2012

Anyway, enough of the foolish talk. It’s really all about the bike, the ride and the Ludacracy. And I’ll be sure to report back… if I can.

The Details:

the global view of the route

the route – one picture = 143 miles
blue is the planned route
green is the asphalt bypass… for tourists that want to meet us for the last few hours of life on Earth

the profile – west to east
we are all about game time decisions

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