Fatbike Odyssey 2013

The Fatbike Odyssey 2013 went down yesterday in the Cave Creek and Scottsdale area.  If you missed out, you missed out.  The race was the brain child of Phillip Hantel, and had much help from other volunteers and sponsors.  Before I forget, B.P.R wants to give a huge thanks to Phil, all the volunteers, all the sponsors, local and non-local riders, and all the strangers we meet along the way.  All the dudes mentioned above make riding bikes what it is…adult foolishness.  You all are my friends.

This is the section that I spent 30 minutes typing, deleting  re-typing, editing…trying to come up some good stuff for a written race review.  Well, if you want to know what goes down at races with Back of the Pack, you just need to show up.  Volunteer, race, ride, join the fun, get involved.  Or sponsor us and we’ll start doing actual race reviews.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
Below are the pictures of B.P.R. Arizona – The Mad Rhino and Spencer.  Pictures take by Rhino or Spencer in some form or another. Some take by Phil Hantel or maybe SS Kim, or others.  I don’t know, I borrowed your photos, sue the BPR NM charter if it’s an issue.

The rollout

Typical Rhino camera shot…tongue hanging out. Sorry photogs, I suck.

Spencer and The Judd are chapstick junkies. They must make out with lots of foxy mamas because they are like kings of the lip balm and always moisturizing the lips. Rhino on the other hand came back from Old Pueblo with blistered lips looking like a nasty crack head.  I secretly started putting on chapstick, but just don’t let other dudes document.

Spencer.  Pink socks, purple helmet, purple gloves…B.P.R AZ approved.
Sturmey Archer

Rhino trying to understand Sturmey Archer

Spencer tying to under Sturmey Archer

Spencer NOT understanding Sturmey Archer

This dude is my neighbor.  A little eccentric by my standards.  I call him Sturmey Archer now. He showed up with some wicked 2 speed kick-back Duomatic coaster brake hub.  This isn’t the first time this cat has blown up this hub.  You show up to race prepared with actual mechanics shop gloves  you know you sh*t is going to break down.  Sturmey can be seen above trying to fix his rear hub with rocks.  Your walking buddy, see back in town several hours later, and you owe my brother Tom lunch sucka.

Budlight hand ups

A little while later after we left Sturmey in the desert we approached by some ATV’s from behind.  They stopped for a break and I convinced them to toss us some BL’s to hydrate.  The chic in the group was concerned for Sturmey meandering and walking in the wash.  I encouraged her  that she should go back and pick him up.  She came back a little while later and said he was gone.  Typical Sturmey style, to wander off.  We did see the ATV’s a little while later on the powerline road with Sturmey’s bike attached to the bike.  They extracted him to the nearest road for him to walk, coast, push kick back to town.

sweet chute

Spencer getting ready to drop into the chute

sweet boulder area

Rhino finally makes it to the first aid station, champion archer.
Spencer could kill for his food

We departed the aid station.  Got lost and went the wrong way.  Well we weren’t lost but we were on the track loop backwards.  We both knew we had to turn left, we were warned by Phil, the trail was marked, and Brandon even warned us to not do the course in reverse. For the record Spencer had ridden this section of the course so I didn’t pay attention to the GPS track. Once you miss the turn and your GPS is zoomed in it shows you on the course…just going the wrong direction.  There were huge mountains to our left and I knew we missed our turn.  Good thing for Spencer and I we managed to snag an extra beer from the aid station.  We found a shady tree along the trail and drank the beer.  Our options were: A.) continue to do the loop backwards, which was not advised by Brandon,  B.) head back half an hour and find the correct turn  C.) bail on the loop and head back to the aid station.  After our beers were empty and getting dusted out by motorcycles and ATVs, we opted for D.)  head back to the aid station and pretend we are winners of our own race.

irritated after return to the aid station
Gatoraid Margaritas solves all problems

Feeling GOOD. Happily fueled with cookies, pretzels, cupcakes, beer, and Tequila …before the long 3 mile climb out of the wash to the top of the mountain.

Feelin’ Alright at the top of the hill

I think the sun (or tequila) was starting to get to me by this point in the day.  I keep hearing voices in my head on the long climb out of the canyon.  I had to put my headphones on to drown the demons out.  It was blazing hot and my 42lb fatbike was starting to get real heavy and slow.

Spencer screaming like a girl with leg cramps
Aid Station


Big thanks to Flat Tire Bike Shop and Sunday Cycles Bike Shop for donating swag, food, fuel and liquor.  Stop into your local bike shop and support them.  Shop local dudes.

Finish line.  Spencer did win the sprint to the finish, but Rhino out drank him.

Fathead  – this dog rocked.

Single Speed Fatbike prize

Cyclops Ocular hydration.  Who knew?


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