Arizona Trail Race: 300 Miles…

The Judd and Mad Rhino are headed to the Arizona Trail. For the AZT 300… that’s 300 miles through the southern AZ desert, dude.

No, we aren’t in it for the podium and massive payout. We’re in it for a few laughs and gonna do what we do… and we do what we do in a never ending attempt to secure a BEER sponsorship for Back of the Pack Racing. (Hook us UP!) 

Check the map below for details. Check the links for more… details.

The Details:

Race Website:Topofusion

AZT Race Rules

Race Tracking: Trackleaders

BlueDot Tracking

Spot Tracking – (Does NOT work in Chrome)
The Judd, The Philosofizer – 

SPOT Tracking -(Does NOT work in Chrome)
The Mad Rhino

MTB Radio

MTB Podcast

Why are we doing the bikepacking race / adventure stuff, seriously:

  • Because it’s fun to wear the same clothes for 5 days.
  • Because it’s fun to brush The Teeth only ONCE in 5 days.
  • Because it’s fun to stink so bad that The Rattlesnakes RUN away.
  • Because it’s fun to walk hours and hours and hours on blistered feet.
  • Because it’s fun to be so hungry that you consider eating bugs and dirt.
  • Because it’s fun to be so thirsty that you hallucinate… Jim Morrison style.
  • Because…. it’s just fun.

So how are we tackling this bikepacking race / adventure. It’s easy:

  • We ain’t carrying much food.
  • We ain’t carrying stoves
  • We ain’t carrying blogging devices
  • We ain’t carrying clothes
  • We ain’t carrying any creature comforts… 
    • Well… The Judd always rolls with a pillow. No  joke, jokester
  • And we PLAN to carry enough water to survive. Cuz survival is key… at times.

And some final thoughts… because debate within the inner self is how The Judd rolls:

  • How many extra batteries to carry? Especially for the lights. Cuz at the back of the pack we are know AROUND THE WORLD for extreme night riding. (Seriously?)
  • How many bandaids to carry? Especially when we support the medical technique of bleeding the illness out, bleeding the demons out.
  • How much chaffage cream to carry? Especially when we don’t train with chaffage cream… or the adult diaper… in The Judd’s case.
  • And…. will we find Jim Morrison wandering through the desert? In our alternate hallucination based reality? If we do, we ain’t gonna tell you.
The Machine… and not a Megalomaniacal Megamachine

and some tunes… to make you happy… yep, if you’re happy I’m happy:

The Doors – Riders on the Storm

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