The Colorado Trail Race: We’re Gonna Finish… Or DIE trying… or something

Follow us, if you want. Or don’t. AND REMEMBER. This is a self supported race. Don’t meet us on the trail, cuz if you do, we’ll flog you, steal your food  do the slice & dice s*^t and feed you to the wolves, unless you bring Cheeseburgers and can keep a secret, of course. AND Yes, there are wolves in Colorado, along with bears (and beers) and moose (or meece) and mountain lions and… Anyway I, The Judd, have lived through many frightful encounters in Colorado. And one wicked encounter with a wolf. No Joke, Jokester.

The Dialog… in the ether… in the blog-o-sphere… all ‘1s’ and ‘0s’… seriously:

That’s right. We’ve logged many many miles on the Colorado Trail. We’ve logged many miles via bikepacking. 

Aside: Check out The Alternate Website, if you’re bored…

In the past two years I’ve come up short. Probably because “I” lose interest… or my ‘pacesetters’ have other responsibilities, or… to me bikepacking is more about Colorado and less about the group ‘race’. Who knows. It’s America. I can do whatever the Hell I want… but this year I WANT to finish with a respectable time. 

Yes, this year is different, I think. The Morale Chairman is ‘IN’ and is as mean as ever. The Judd is as fit as ever. (I S-T-R-E-T-C-H the truth all the time.) So we will be triumphant on the Colorado Trail. Or we’ll be pushing up daisies, or tumbleweeds, or cow pies… or maybe we’ll just be stinking rotting corpses in the Colorado highlands. Yeah, that sounds cool.

The plan is Individual-Time-Trial... ITT. Because WE MUST beat the rush to the gas stations in Silverton. And that’s the truth. Yep, The Mad Rhino and The Judd learned a hard lesson in the AZT300. LIKE…  hit the gas stations early, find the food, secure the food, keep your food secrets to yourself. When food is involved, you have no friends on the trail. I ain’t joke’n. Seriously.

We’re roll’n light this year. Only survival gear. This won’t be the STANDARD 10 day trek across Colorado – as we’ve executed in years past. WE ARE RACING, sort of. Yep, we have no plans to sleep for the next week or so. We will sleep, but not for long… it won’t be comfortable, we won’t have foxy mamas on our arms, we won’t be counting sheep. We’ll be HALLUCINATING about the next big day. That’s just how it is.

a few pics from the past:

And if you made it this far. How about a some wicked Slayer from many years ago…

Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss (Official Music Video) from Vlad Tolstov Productions on Vimeo.

Or for a more mellow groove….

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