Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks – B-King Bag

This is a long term review of the Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks – B-King Bag.  I don’t know what the name of the actual bag is, I made that up as I don’t think this bag is a current stock product.  I contacted Dave Wilson at N.S.S. after meeting him trailside on the AZT this year.  I needed a beacon bag that I could attach to my existing seatbag that would hold my SPOT Locating Beacon.  If you happen to have a new N.S.S.Seatbag you won’t have these issues as I believe most of the seatbags have a beacon pocket built in.
I asked N.S.S. to build me a bag that would hold my beacon and have the flexibility to mount on my seatbag (bike) and on top of my backpack.  I was having issues putting the SPOT inside my pack with connectivity to satellites, it seemed to be missing points.  The other downside to putting the beacon inside a pack is that you tend to forget to turn it on and off.  Dave and I came up with the design pictured above.  As you can see in the picture with all the webbing loops and shock cord I was able to attach it to the top of my old Osprey Manta and have the face point skyward for optimum antenna placement.
Seatbag placement
The B-King Bag works perfect on the seatbag of the bike while bikepacking and exploring the rough AZ desert.  I had issues with the stock SPOT bag that the unit is encased in.  The beacon would fall out in the rough AZ trails. There’s not much to say about the Seatbag placement. It works!
Backpack placement
The backpack placement works well, but there is one downside.  The beacon interferes with my helmet if I want to look up and stare at the trees or stars at night.  I waited quite some time to post a review, as I experimented with adjustments and placements. I like the idea of having my SPOT on my back vs my bike.  If me and bike end up over a cliff someday, I want rescue crews to find me…not my bike. I used to only use the SPOT device on long rides, now I used it on EVERY ride…as you should since you payed a whole year for the service.
B-King Bag Details
Fits standard SPOT devices
Also fits my GPS (not both simultaneously)
Mesh front panel for LED visibility and button functions
XPAC VX07 back panel
web loops with shock cord and spring lock
Reflective Velcro closures.
Check out Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks selection of bags and gear.
And add N.S.S. on Facebook for the most up to date info and pictures.
-The Mad Rhino

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