B.P.R. Letter of Intent – Example


We are making a lot of changes at Back of the Pack Racing.  The Founding Fathers are opening the doors to the haunted fun house and considering adding a few freaks to the squadron.  We received this letter of intent from a local SS resident at The Insane Asylum of Arizona, Building D. We don’t just approve anyone and everyone.
I will kill three beers an hour until I am on your team.”
The Mad Rhino waited several hours before the local Arizona Chapter made a decision, which had to be approved by the B.P.R. Supreme Council and Founding Fathers.  This dude is clearly drunk by now if he upheld his end of his Letter of Intent.
So anyone else out there looking to join the Ludacracy in Back of the Pack, please submit a letter of intent.
Reference previous B.P.R. Post  and OI

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