Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (IHBC) v2021… 32xYM

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The Preacher, world famous athlete @ the back of the pack, was hit this AM by a lady on Meth, which we shall call a Meth Head Loser. The Preacher survived. Only bruised up. No Broken Bones. They Think. No Head Damage. Thank God. 

Public Service Announcement:

Be careful out there. Fill up your Karma Bucket. You never know when a Meth Head Loser will blow through a turn and try to kill you.

Back to the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (IHBC) Race Report

Background: The Iron Horse

* Note 1. This race report will be short. So pack away your anxiety and focus. If you want.

And we all know that there are 1 or 2 race report elements that you are interested in. #1 The Results… at the back of the pack. #2. The course data and the athlete statistics.  And then again you may be interested in the pics. But we all know your ADD is driven by Instagram Influencers, not the freakish athletes @ the back of the pack. 

** Note 2. It’s well known that we all roll 32xYM. And YM is usually defined by a complex multi-variate equation. But for the IHBC… racing to Silverton on a Single Speed. Probably not recommended for the average tourist. Especially an average tourist packing a 6 pack of PBR (with a 6 pack of abs. Just say’n.) Anyway. If you want to know the secret selection of YM for IHBC… you’ll need to pony up something good. Cuz these secrets are learned and earned. And all I can say. YM hurts. No matter what you select. 

*** Note 3. As mentioned in the Sancho 200 v2021 Race Report. We’re are starting a new ‘technique’ to engage you, the BPR enthusiast. Best picture caption will earn a surprise. Winner selected after a 2 week ‘active’ period. So. Best caption will get a USPS delivery of BPR ‘stuff’. So comment on this post or send the caption to

The Sancho 200 Race Report. If you care: 

The Racers… The Victorious… At all Levels and Distances

  1. Paul aka Herradura MoFo: YM ? Ha Ha. I’ve only been on my bike ‘once’ but my bike legs ‘might’ power me to a new BPR SS record on the classic IHBC race course. Just because. 
  2. The Philosofizer aka The Hustorian: Well I kept up with HerraDura Mofo for the 1st 3 miles. That’s one mile better than v2019. And I kept my HR below 175, barely, during the sprint out of town.
  3. One Thumb Mike… dude. I was gonna go full out Preacher ‘on The Preacher’ if the MoFo told me there was one more climb. 
  4. The Preacher... dude. We flew out to ColoRado… If the cutoff time is 5 hrs to Molas. I’m going to take 4 hrs and 59 min. Because I can. 
  5. Jim aka The Sweeper, BPR Style… I’ll crank out a YM = 17 and cruise to the Nugget. Because that’s the 1st real ‘watering hole’ on the race course. 

Honorable Mentions: Molly aka Jim’s Clan #1 and Joe aka Jim’s Clan #2… both finished in Attempt #1 of IHBC. Impressive. Single Speed in v2022?

The Race

And in case you didn’t take the time to review all the images… this image => the best tequila shot ‘station’ in modern times. No joke. 

Recommendation. Before the Tequila Station… stop, catch your breath, ensure you have adequate Oxygen Levels before tossing back the shot.

The Data


The Pre Race… ‘cycling back’ to the days leading up to the race

Proper Taper before a big event includes: Lots of Calories from The Durango Diner. Lots of High Altitude Views. Lots of Bar Hop’n and Socialization with Freaks of Nature. Just because.  And then, of course, some post hole’n. Because dudes from Michigan like to post holes above 10,000 in late May. (Didn’t know that. But now I do.)

The Famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Because we had no choice.

** FYI. If you’re a normal human, you’d love the D&SNGR. Well. You’ll dig the 2/3rds (that’s two-thirds) of the trip from Silverton to DGO. But the last 3rd (last third), through the valley, super boring. Just say’n. But I take the train trip almost yearly. Just because I want to and I can. 

The Post Race

Proper Post Race Cool Down: More Hours Spent at the Durango Diner. (FYI. Arrive early to avoid the tourists. Or don’t). More Post Hole’n. Just because. 

And…. Let’s Take a Moment to Welcome One Thumb Mike into The BPR Crew!

It’s was an awesome trip to DGO… One Thumb. You definitely fit in with the BPR Ludacracy. 

And… What is the YM for IHBC v2022? 

Just an Idea

One thought on “Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (IHBC) v2021… 32xYM

  1. Awesome accounting, thanks for being an awesome tour guide to the 4 Corners. Can’t wait till next year-50th year for the Iron Horse Classic.


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