Gabba Gabba Hey, A 24 Hr WorldWide Race

Pick your Day between March 20th and March 27th… must be finished by 11:59 PM on March 27th. Maybe a Group start on Friday March 25th…. Maybe. For anyone that is interested in a Virtual ride-a-long.

Event Name, Background: Gabba Gabba Hey. As in The Ramones / Pinhead. The Song, dude. Adapted from the b/w movie from the 30’s, Freaks.

BPR Gabba Gabba Hey Shirts, $20 shipped:

Rules: There are no rules. Ride as much as you like, or as little as you like. It would be cool if you made an effort to Start at T = 0 and then ride at T = 24hrs… kinda like the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Race, i.e., you start at the start and end at the end… and are disqualified if you don’t finish at the end. Or something like that.

But who cares. Do what you want. Do it how you want. Just get outside, burn some calories, and be an ATHLETE.

Big Time Participation Awards: The BPR Organizing Committee and Donors will select The Winners. Based on Attitude, Approach, Miles, and BPR Global Love.

And Don’t worry. If you quit, cuz quitters quit… you won’t be disqualified. And you may still get a participation trophy, if you have the right attitude.

Who’s invited: All Those in the BPR Crew. Feel free to invite close friends outside of The Crew (Although you are responsible for your friends.) Don’t invite Unknown Tourists. I don’t have time to hold hands with Unknown Tourists.

And. If you made it this far. Remember. Pics and Stories and Lies and All Things based in The Alternate Reality should be shared with The Crew via standard methods.

The List of Those that have committed or expressed interest or just… engaged in conversation.

  1. Pibb, BPR RI / BPR East Coast
  2. Judd aka The Philosofizer, BPR NM
  3. Taz, BPR UK
  4. Mad Rhino, BPR AZ
  5. Tracy, BPR CO
  6. Pit Boss, BPR CO
  7. Ishman, BPR CO
  8. Derek, BPR RI
  9. Gravity Moe, BPR RI
  10. Da Beard, BPR ND
  11. Judy, BPR Nomads (A Euro Thing)
  12. Roy, BPR Nomads
  13. AR Bucko, BPR AR
  14. Rock, BPR MN
  15. After Burner, BPR MN
  16. Leah, BPR MN
  17. Matt Mlyniec, BPR RI
  18. Pete Lynch, BPR CT
  19. Blondie, BPR AUS
  20. The Cuz aka Scott, BPR AUS
  21. Dylan, BPR WI

Those that should sign up… may commit, may not

  1. The Preacher, BPR MI
  2. Ti-Machine, BPR IA
  3. Peace Train, BPR IA
  4. Deuce, BPR NM

And we know that they are could be / should be many more from BPR WYO, BPR ID, BPR OH, BPR AZ, BPR WI…

More Info will be posted as things ‘evolve’. And No, I still don’t believe in Evolution…. I’m an Alien-tologist.

3 thoughts on “Gabba Gabba Hey, A 24 Hr WorldWide Race

  1. Add drunkenholz to the list, as I are an Athlete now — under the steady guiding hand & training program of Ms. Thelen! I will be at 24HOP this coming wknd — pulling an overnight shift in the Transfer Tent ‘cuz I didn’t get registered in time to ride/race. Of course, I would also have been “racing” off the couch, which is never wise at 24HOP, or so I’ve been told! Are you planning to pop on over for some or all of the Ludacracy? Even on Sunday it will be “Still Saturday” — at The Back of the Pack!


    1. Wicked Dude. Won’t be able to make it to Old Pueblo. I’m traveled-out after all my winter adventures. Not sure if there will be any BPR racers racing.


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