Arrowhead 135 v2022…. The Tracks of ATHLETES

Arrowhead 135 v2022… RACE START Monday Jan 31st 7:00 AM Central Time.

The Tracking Site:

The Tracks of The Athletes @ The Back of the Pack

Judd aka The Philosofizer. BPR NM. 9th start, 6 Time Finisher, Single Speed Record at 21 hrs:, roll’n single speed. of course

The Preacher aka Woody. BPR MI. 10th start (Est), 7 Time Finisher, roll’n single speed, of course:

Ishman aka Stout. BPR CO. 3rd Start. 1 Finish. Roll’n Gears. And we don’t know why:

Chico aka Chico. BPR WI. Crazy # of starts. Unreal # of finishes. Even a past champion in the foot division. Roll’n out on The Feet again:

Leah aka Leah. BPR MN. A zillion starts. almost a zillion finishes. Past Champion. Roll’n Gears. Just because:

Rock aka Rock. BPR MN. Multiple Finishes. Most on Foot. But biking this year, single speed style: No Track. Going Dark

After Burner aka AfterBurner. BPR MN. Multiple Finishes. Some finished with ugly frostbite. Still searching for the single speed record. But roll’n dingle this year. Because After Burner thinks ‘2’ is almost ‘1’. But it’s not. No Track. Going Dark

The BPR Crew. Arrowhead 135 v2020

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