The Ultimate Black Sheep – The Retro Highlight

Last spring I talked to my friends at Black Sheep Bikes about a top secret mission. I asked James and Todd if they could build me the ultimate Black Sheep styled and painted like my father’s 1939 Schwinn. Of course I wanted a ultra high tech titanium beast. But I wanted the machine painted in Black Sheep black with Schwinn like graphics. Well, it was a tough wait for this ultimate single speed machine. But its worth it. Unbelievable! (Or as we would say IN THE GUTTER: UN-F*^KIN-BELIEVABLE!)

So, why would I go through such a top secret mission? Why would I have the Black Sheep dudes build the ultimate retro Black Sheep? Well, the Professor Emeritus of Back of the Pack Racing deserves a new single speed. Yep, that 39′ cruiser was wicked cool for a 7 year old Theodore (Teddy) Rohwer. But the old dude with titanium knees deserves a modern machine, a titanium Black Sheep, the baddest Black Sheep on the planet.

So, I know you are all still confused. What mere mortal would have such a sweet bike & such an EXPENSIVE bike built for a 78 year old dude? Hey man. We all get old, but we can still have style! We just can’t stop living until we ‘stop living’, if you know what I mean. 

AND since I am a brilliant (and good looking) dude I predicted your questions and provided answers. JUST remember. I’m 100% serious in everything I do and say. Oh wait. If you think I’m serious, then you obviously don’t know me. But that’s cool.
Q&A, Back of the Pack Style:
Q: Why a 3rd sheep?
A: You can’t have a 4th sheep until you have a 3rd sheep. Right?

Q: Why another highlight?
A: Perfection is Perfection. Highlight #1 is the ultimate ride. I’ll never forget the day I jumped on Highlight #1 for the 1st ride. Unbelievable! And since I race all 24 hour events solo AND usually unsupported I want to have the option to ‘hot swap’ bikes. Yeah I could do that with any two bikes, but why not do it with two sheep that are almost identical? So now I have another sheep to add to the mix – assuming I can borrow #3 from The Padre.
Q: Why the paint?
A: Well 1) because I can, 2) because it’s cool, 3) because A NORMAL person wouldn’t. I’m not normal.

Q: What was the wait like?
A: Waiting for the ultimate Black Sheep is probably like pregnancy & child birth. Not that I’m a woman or have a wife & kids. But pregnancy and child birth COULD BE as bad as waiting for the ultimate single speed.
Q: You’re just a rich kid, why don’t you do something constructive with your cash?
A: Rich Kid? Nope. I’m just irresponsible. Well, I have no responsibilities and I’m irresponsible. Does that make sense to you? Does to me.
Q: Are you really giving it to The Padre?
A: F*^ikin’ A. That’s the plan. If The Professor Emeritus wants to ride the retro sheep, then he can have the sheep. But I have one MAJOR concern. The Professor Emeritus has a bad habit of cashing out & getting horizontal on the couch while watching The Weather Channel on MUTE! AND due to this irresponsible behavior, any and all valuable ‘things’ could be left unguarded in the garage. Yeah, most of the time the garage door is wide open when The Professor Emeritus is cashed out.

Q: What does a dude / dudette need to do to get a retro Black Sheep, courtesy of The Judd?
A: Either 1) be the Professor Emeritus or 2) Be a Foxy Mama and a Sugar Mama. But if you are a Sugar Mama then you will indirectly pay for the retro sheep. Right?
Q: What’s next 
A: Hell. I don’t know. Sheep #4. I’m thinking a steel highroller – fixie. Three Highlights should be enough. Shouldn’t it? 

A question for you: What’s the risk of The Judd becoming responsible before #4 is ordered?

A Few More Pictures of the Ultimate Black Sheep Single Speed:

The Sheep
The Sheep is Waiting



The Sheep in Transport


The Sheep in The Judd’s Pad
#3, The Retro Sheep, Outside


Just a View, Again


Just a View, Again, Again


The Old | The New


Little Teddy on the 39′ Schwinn with his younger brother Chris. Photo is from ~ 43′
As The Padre said – ‘It didn’t take Little Teddy long to strip down the bike for speed’


The Padre, The Professor Emeritus, The New Ride
You think you’re tough? Talk to these dudes that grew up in the 30s and 40s. We got it EASY!
This is how a 7 YEAR OLD rolls in 1939

This is How a “HARD CORE” Dude rolls in 2011

And just something for thought. The history of mountain biking? You can believe what you want. But what do you think these kids were doing in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s? 

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Black Sheep – The Retro Highlight

  1. Dude? What did you do? Scratch your pop's 1970 Hemi Cuda? And to think I only got my old man a $20 helmet for his 29 cruiser today. You rock man.


  2. Yeah. The Padre is one ancient dude – but an ancient dude that finally retired and is ready to experience the finer things in life – assuming he can break free of The Weather Channel. Plus, the dude has been one with titanium for 15 years (the titanium knees) so it's time he ride a wicked titanium SS.


  3. Beautiful!!!

    I wish you did it in brown/white, as the original, and matched to it a brown Brooks saddle and brown leather bar tape….


  4. Hey Anonymous. I definitely thought about the brown (maroon) & white combo. But then decided black was more appropriate because of the 'black' in Black Sheep. And as I always say, it rides better than it looks. Just an unreal bike.


  5. Judd,,that is AWSOME!!!

    Been eyeing the black sheep for awhile. Love your website and adventures. Next time your near Boulder lets meet at Oskar Blues for a beer.

    Jim Creek


  6. Jim Creek from Nederland? Is this 'The Jim' Creek that grew up on Balsam Dr in Durango. 'The Jim' Creek that was my KID SITTER? 'The Jim' Creek that taught me how to ride a Unicycle when I was 8 years old? 'The Jim' Creek that is responsible for the random theft of my BMX bike at the Durango Municipal Pool? (Remember, you lost the key to the lock, so we couldn't lock up the bikes, then my bike was stolen, then you found the key in our shoe, then you threw the key over the fairgrounds wall in anger.)

    Anyway. You should remember that 39' Schwinn. You rode it downtown one afternoon to DGO Cyclery – to show it off.

    Yep. If you are 'The Jim' and you deserve status at the top of Back of the Pack Racing organizational structure. Only one problem. Can I find Plaid that fits a 6' 9″ dude? Or are you 6' 10″? Or are you shrinking like The Padre? We are all getting old. But we are young at heart. To use a stupid phase.

    Ok. Enough foolishness. I'll definitely let you know when we (Tedd and I) make it north. We are planning a ride the Colorado Trail in late July or early August – depends on Corporate Tedd's work schedule. Want to suffer with us?

    Great to hear from you! Let's meet up soon. I always have room for you and your family in my palatial estate east of Albuquerque.



  7. Yeah, it's the Jim Creek from Balsam Dr and I too am young at heart. I am trying to teach my kids the finer things in life, like tele skiing at Eldora, riding bikes and enjoying life to the fullest. Just last week my kid pulled out my old unicycle and put a mountain tire on it and tried to start riding it as well.

    As soon as I saw your blog I thought of the ole 39 and knew it would be hidden in there somewhere. You are lucky I didn't borrow it on a more long basis and I also remember riding it in the Iron Horse crit in downtown Dgo sporting a BK work shirt.

    I also have a fond place in my heart for old cruiser bikes and the black Sheep is at the top of the list. I have a Kona Huma, but it doesn't hold a candle to the flock. Since a sheep is a little out of my price range, I have been eyeballing a trek sawyer. Take a look the trek website and let me know what you think. I think it would look like a close wanabee sheep with a Brooks saddle and some sheep handlebars and of course a SS. Still am 6'9″ so maybe I should starting saving for the 36 zam cruiser instead, maybe that would fit me better.

    As far as status on the Back of the Pack Racing Program I am not worthy of being anything more than a humble wanabe fan. I already consider myself a BPR groupie and maybe after pulling a shift manning the pits I could be worthy for some shwag to sport.

    Stay in touch and know that I really enjoy your site and keep posting and keep on riding. You have inspired me to drag my but off the couch and turned the weather channel off and put a few miles on.



  8. Hey Jim. Great to hear from your. It's been a crazy week and another crazy week is ahead of us. Wow. Time flies. I still remember all those painful days when I was learning to ride the unicycle. It was good to have a positive influence back in those days – as Tedd was anything but a positive influence. Just joking.

    Man, if you ever want to show up and man the pits, we'll set you up with all the gear. We will be at 24 Hours in the Sage in August and 24 Hours of Colorado Springs in early October. Aside from those races, we'll be around. I'll let you know when Tedd and I head out on the Colorado Trail. Maybe we can meet up the night before WITH BIG Ted – the retired scooper, the Professor Emeritus.

    Hope all is well with you and the family. Keep in touch and make a deal with the devil for a Black Sheep. The best bike you could ever ride. Ok, I'm opinionated, obviously.



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